ISLAMABAD (APP) - The security forces have nabbed around 17 terror suspects while three others voluntarily surrendered during the ongoing search and clearance operation in Swat and Malakand areas. According to ISPR here Saturday, among those arrested also included Dr Muhammad Rasul Khan, a government employee at Batkhela Hospital who allegedly was playing role of a facilitator and harbourer of terrorists and an Afghan national. As per details, three terrorists voluntarily surrendered to security forces along with weapons at Arambagh while nine others were arrested from Sambat near Matta, Shangwatai and Bodigram. Security forces apprehended four suspects from Chankulai Churlak Sar and recovered two rifles from their possession. In search operation at Sar China near Charbagh security forces recovered stolen gold ornaments from the house of terrorist commander Khatmula. Two other terrorists were apprehended from Bodigram near Matta and Bar Bamakhela. So far, 246,439 cash cards and 8 trucks of relief items have been distributed among the IDPs of Malakand while 12 trucks of rations have been distributed among the IDPs of DI Khan.