Lahore Economic Journalist Association (LEJA) strongly condemns the beating of media personnel by the lawyers. The LEJA office bearers have said the lawyers have taken the law in their hands as they consider themselves above the law. Their action is regarded as brutal not just by the journalists but by the civil society as well as the common people. The lawyers thrashed a cameraman of a private channel for making a video in which the lawyers were beating a policeman. Unfortunately, after the restoration of the CJP, the lawyers have started considering themselves the ruling force of the society and have even resorted to violence to enforce their own 'law'. Beating up judges, policemen and journalists are some of the recent shenanigans of lawyers in the new role they have arrogated for themselves. The free media has never bowed before any dictator, or force that tries to dictate it. We have always fought for the oppressed of the society. Earlier, the khaki uniform had made the country hostage at gunpoint. Now the blackcoats are doing so. They shall not prevail. -MUHAMMAD SUDHIR CHAUDHRY, General Secretary, LEJA, Lahore, via e-mail, August 1.