ISLAMABAD - The United States has conveyed to Pakistan its renewed desire for military offensive in Waziristan in the wake of Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan chief Baitullah Mehsuds death even against any possible decision by Islamabad to call off the operation. The US authorities want the Pakistani forces to go after the Taliban militants and Al-Qaeda activists in South Waziristan followed by same action against miscreants in North Waziristan and it has been conveyed to Islamabad through diplomatic channels. The Obama administration is pleased over the death of Baitullah Mehsud but it is against any decision by Islamabad to delay the South Waziristan offensive for long or call it off, said a diplomatic source desiring not to be named. Pakistan on the other hand, he said, wanted to continue with its current policy of weakening the militants in Waziristan through air strikes and then go for the ground offensive after maximum damaged was inflicted on the Taliban. An official here when contacted said that the intelligence information from South Waziristan suggested strongly that TTP chief was no more in this world. The information that the authorities received in Islamabad is based on the account of our informants who were told by several people with authority that they not only saw the dead body of Baitullah after he was killed but also attended his funeral, he said. The intelligence information also showed the eruption of differences in the ranks of Taliban over the successor of Baitullah with some reports claiming clashes during the Taliban meeting being held in South Waziristan on Saturday to elect the new 'amir that led to the killing of some important militant commanders We believe the Taliban in South Waziristan are in disarray and if they couldnt do away with their differences it would be of great advantage to the Pakistani security forces as their objective would be achieved without any offensive, the official said. However, if the Taliban retaliated strongly contrary to our expectations and once again there was a surge in suicide bombings and subversive acts then the operation could be launched soon to eliminate the terrorists, he said.