Rehman Malik has made a claim about terrorist camps in Afghanistan but Kabul has rejected that claim. On the other hand India is trying to increase involvement in Afghanistan in order to maintain Indian hegemony in the region. Now Pakistan has become a target of RAW and other agencies as well and they are continuously making covert efforts for destabilizing or disintegrating our country. It is true that India has established numerous diplomatic offices and training camps in Afghanistan, which are operating against Pakistan. On Indian websites, even the Indians accept that they have training centers and networks in Afghanistan and these resources are employed to support Fazalullah. So why doesn't the Pakistani government show this evidence to our own public, to the authorities in Afghanistan and to the international community? It is time the government showed some nationalism and took a stand against foreign agencies. Let us show the entire body of evidence to the world to answer the charge that Pakistan is the house of terrorists in the region. The world must intervene to uproot the training facilities and the financial support network through which the terrorists in Pakistan are being provided with weapons. -SANA ARSHAD, Rawalpindi, via e-mail, August 4.