Our Holy Book Quran tells us "Do not spread corruption". But we as a nation are bent upon spreading corruption in every nook and corner and on all levels in our country. The other day my cleaning woman came to the house very happy and told us that God had sent her seven plus two thousand rupees. She further explained that three months ago a lady came to her locality and asked women of the neighbourhood to provide them two copies each of their ID cards which they did and forgot all about it. Lo and behold, this postman came the other day and told them that Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) had sent them Rs 9000 each. It was a very pleasant shock. "He gave us Rs. 7000/- each and kept Rs. 2000/- with himself, Rs. 1000/- for himself and Rs. 1000/- for the man who had supposedly filled the form", she told us. In just half an hour, that postman and the other man made Rs. 7000/- each. It seems this B.B.'s Income Support Programme, instead of helping the poor, is making people corrupt. The boss of the programme Ms. Farzana Raja is touring America where she is found praising her programme profusely wherever she goes. When she comes back, I would humbly ask her to correct me if I am wrong. -COL (Retd) R.M. RAJA, Lahore, via e-mail, August 8.