LAHORE - Advisor to the Punjab chief minister and Senator Pervez Rasheed has said in order to maintain law and order situation and solidarity we will have to ensure the rule of constitution in the country. He expressed these views while addressing a sitting new targets of terrorists in Punjab and role of media in developing solidarity held under the aegis of Press Institute of Pakistan (PIP) here on Saturday. Nousher F Dastoor represented the Parsi community, Dr Matinder Chand from Hindu, Sardar Kalyan Singh Kalyan from Sikh, and Raverind represented the Christian community. Sohail Ahmad, Prof Jawad Ahmad Hamid, columnist Ata-ur-Rehman and others also spoke on the occasion. Senator Pervez Rasheed said one reason behind the present riots was ignorance and to maintain their writ in their respective areas, people exploit religious feelings of the common people. He said these people were neither sincere with religion nor with nation as no religion of the world allows to kill human beings. He said since the formation of Pakistan people of different religions have been residing in the country but no such incident ever happened in the past. Now certain hidden forces were trying to create religious differences among various people. Nousher F Dastoor translated the Bismillah in Parsi language and said Islam teaches the lesson of harmony and evenness. He stressed the need for the promotion of education. Professor Atta termed the recent riots a conspiracy and said all it was due to the conspiracy of anti-Pakistan forces. Dr Chand said we would have to make collective efforts to counter such elements. Sardar Kalyan said such elements were involved in defaming the Sikhs, as the Sikh leaders were killed who supported Quaid-e-Azam. He said Punjab is a land of peace and harmony and appreciated the role of Majid Nizami for maintaining religious harmony in the country.