PESHAWAR (APP) - The recent wave of militancy in Malakand division and military operation for curbing the insurgency has caused a colossal loss of more than Rs 63 billion (Rs. 63697.97 million) to the livestock and dairy sector of the region. According to estimates provided by NWFP Livestock and Dairy Development department, about 503625 cows perished and the calculation of the damage is around Rs. 35253.75 million. Each cattle head is calculated at the rate of Rs. 70000. Similarly, around 200429 buffalos perished during the insurgency the loss of which is calculated around Rs.16034.32 million. About 153928 sheep and 554311 goats were lost which claimed a loss of 1231.42 million and Rs. 4988.80 million, respectively. In the poultry sector, about 818406 birds perished and the loss calculated is about 98.21 million, about Rs. 120 per bird. Around 44 camels were lost the loss of which is about Rs. 4.84 million. The department has also sustained a loss of Rs. 834.56 million as about 10432 ponies and horses were lost, each one is estimated around Rs. 80,000. While around 31543 asses, donkeys and mules were lost, the loss of which is about Rs. 1577.15 million. The total loss under the cattle head and bird sector is about Rs. Six billion (Rs. 60023.05 million). Whereas, in other sectors like feed and fodder, the department has calculated a loss of Rs. 2809 million. The break-up of the figure is Rs. 2649.70 million loss under the head of damage of 331212 tons of dried fodder. Similarly, Rs. 69.51 million was due to loss of 11585 fodder plots and Rs. 89.80 million under the loss of 3591821 kg concentrate. In the animal products like milk, egg and animal manure, the department has calculated a loss of Rs. 497.08 million. About 1478513 kg of milk gone to wast, causing a monetary loss of Rs. 44.36 million. While Rs. 76.60 million were lost due to damage of 1532082 dozens eggs and 752245 tones of animal dung was lost, causing a loss of Rs. 376.12 million. The Livestock department suffered a loss of Rs. 368.84 million due to damage to its buildings, equipment and vehicles in Malakand division. About 28 veterinary institutes were destroyed causing a loss of Rs. 56 million, besides a damage of two vehicles, costing a loss of Rs. 5 million. The department also suffered a loss of Rs. 299.84 million due to destruction of 7496 animal shelters and Rs. 0.7 million due to loss of 28 cattle crushers. Similarly, 33 equipment and instruments of the department destroyed causing a loss of Rs. 0.83 million. The damage sustained due to destruction of medicine and vaccines is calculated around Rs. 4.95 million. About Rs. 1.52 million losses were suffered by the department due to damage of 38 items of furniture. Director Livestock and Dairy Development Department, Sher Muhammad when contacted informed that the list of losses has been submitted to concerned departments with request for special grants for recovery of the damage. He said, livestock sectors plays a pivotal role in the economy of Malakand division as majority of dwellers of the region mostly depends on earning made through this sector. He said, steps on war footings would be made for revival and development of livestock sector in Malakand division so that people of the area could stand up on their feet. In this regard, he added the department is holding consultations with the quarters concerned including the stakeholders to chalk out a comprehensive recovery plan.