The KESC Saga has already exposed how the country has been crippled due to corruption in the corridors of power in Islamabad and to satisfy the never-ending greed of some men. Another revelation, which has come to light, is that the Power Rental Plants which are being imported, from China and Turkey, are being grossly over invoiced by some importers. According to Deep Throat, over fifteen importers have been given permission to import these plants without proper investigation or adopting prescribed procedures. Up to 10% advance has been paid to them, depending on their 'connections and NBP has been 'ordered to open LCs without delay or asking questions. The general perception is, that some of the importers will make a 'killing, just as in the case of KESC, without making any investment and Karachiites will once again be the 'sacrificial lambs. This has been followed by a report of: 'Rampant corruption causing collapse of government departments, written by the well-known Geo anchor, Kamran Khan, in The News on Saturday 1st August. The report gives details of the sordid 'wheeling and dealing of some our presidents close friends and how they have taken advantage of this 'friendship. According to the report, most of the major financial government contracts and decisions are being based on personal monetary gains for a few individuals and their cronies and 'are in total disregard for merit and transparency. It is based on an investigation, during which dozens of well-placed official in the government and corporate sectors were interviewed and gives a detailed report of the 'wheeling and dealing, which has 'compounded to the economic miseries of Pakistan and turned several government organisations into insolvent corporate entities. It reveals how handpicked, corrupt and incompetent officials have been placed in key positions in the government-run companies, to facilitate the serpent of corruption to slither silently through the organisations, spreading its poison. A touch of deja vu, giving a reflection of the corruption which was rampant in the government-run corporations of the past and forced TI to nominate Pakistan as the second most corrupt country in the world? Whether these reports are false or true, is for the government to clarify, but it seems that those at the helm of affairs are once again busy in minting money. As such, we definitely need an organisation to check this corruption. No doubt, NAB was grossly misused to victimise individuals during Musharrafs time, but today, as before, there are many complaints of blatant corruption and misuse of authority, but there is no agency or department where one can lodge a complain. So whom do we turn to and who will put a stop to this corruption and this game of musical chairs? The lead actors in our past comedy of errors have always been the army, the judiciary and parliament and each one has failed and betrayed us. Therefore, the government should set up an independent agency, on the lines of Indias Central Bureau of Investigation, (CBI), which has the constitutional authority to investigate even the office of the President, PM, including the LEA, judiciary and the army. However, this time, the Hon. Judges have at least tried to change the course of this country and have pointed it in the right direction by their judgment of 1st August. But will it help this sinking Titanic to sail into a safe harbor? Will it be able to fulfil the great expectations of the public and be able to provide a just social order and quick and effective justice for all and not just for a selected few? And above all, will it be able to improve their quality of life? Many are of the opinion that Gen. Musharraf and his cronies should be held accountable and punished, otherwise the rot will not stop, corruption will spread and the termites and the worms will continue to breed and nibble away at the very roots of the country. But can we expect the two key state actors, the army and our leaders, both with their 'self above all attitude, allow an independent judiciary to work without fear and hindrance? Will our incompetent parliamentarians, who are there for the joy ride, allow the honorable judges to establish a just social order, the rule of law and across the board accountability? Our two leading political parties and their members are neither of the people, by the people or for the people. They belong to an exclusive elite club that has been fooling the public with their empty and hollow slogans and making hay while the sun shines, with Mr. Musharraf being the most recent example. He rose from zero to hero, then back to zero and confirms the old saying, 'what goes around comes around. How the mighty Musharraf has fallen and with him the dignity and the credibility of the nation. It is tragic to see a man, who had put Pakistan on the world map after 9/11 and done the nation proud, to run from the country like a fugitive and for the same nation to demand his trial for treason. He had everything going for himself, the full backing of the army, the support of world leaders and the nation, but missed this excellent opportunity to do well for the country and its people. Such is the power of fate and destiny. Our leaders and politicians have been getting away with fooling the citizens and will continue to do so, unless the judiciary succeeds to completely break the shackles that have held it chained to the executive for six decades, most of which have been of its own doing. So as we approach yet another Independence Day, let us hope and pray that the rejuvenated judiciary will continue to act according to the dictates of its conscious and guide this Titanic and its 170 million passengers into a safe harbour finally. For if it fails, then another generation will be lost and the pundits of 'doom and gloom will be rubbing their hands in glee. E-mail: