Lahore - Most of the parks, grounds and sporting venues lack any drainage system making it almost impossible for the people to use these facilities even after a little rain in the monsoon season. Where the monsoon brings pleasure and provides a relief from the humid conditions, it adds to the miseries of peoples lives. Being below from the ground level, rainwater gets accumulated in main public grounds of Samanabad, Iqbal Town, Ghalib Market Gulberg, Mozang Chungi and Garhi Shahu. A public park near Ghalib Market faces an extreme problem of rainwater drainage. The main ground near our house fills with water if the rain pours heavily during the monsoon. The water remains there for two to three days making it difficult for us to go for a walk in the evening, says Mavara Zehra, a resident of Gulberg near Ghalib Market. The City is densely populated and small parks and grounds made in every other housing society are without proper planning that hamper the performance of the Water And Sanitation Agency (WASA) when it comes to drainage of rainwater. Lahore is an old City mostly planned without keeping in view future needs of the fast growing population. The sewerage and drainage system laid years ago is not sufficient to fulfil the needs of the provincial metropolitan. Lahore is an advanced city and we want to raise its standards. New and improved drainage methods should be introduced so that these recreational venues could be made useful during the monsoon season, says Hasan Murtaza, an inhabitant of Samanabad near Nadeem Shaheed Road. Zahid Nazir, WASA official, while talking to The Nation said, For a better system we need a good base. The administration needs to lay drainage pipes of bigger diameter for a smooth water flow. Irrespective of the area where the water accumulates, destination for the dumping of rainwater is river Ravi. We have five open channels or drains that disposes the water to the river. Besides we also have underground drainage network that also takes the water towards its destination, he further told. In Sub-continent rain often falls heavily during monsoon season. A lot of low-lying areas in Lahore depict a chaotic situation due to inefficient drainage system. Half-inch rain per hour in Lahore can be handled easily by WASA, but more than this can be problematic. The drainage pipes installed are of limited size and the excessive rainwater hardly passes through them.