Faryal Shakir/Ayesha Siddiqa LAHORE - Standing near Delhi Gate the shrine of Shah Muhammad Ghaus adjoins Municipal Library named after Sufi Saint Shah Muhammad Ghaus. It is difficult to spot the library in the absence of marks or signs guiding a visitor towards the library. The boundary wall encircling the library also houses the office of Civil Defence and Nazims office. The wall is entirely surrounded by open drains. Stone slabs are placed at both the entrances to cross the drains. Local residents use this area as a parking lot and building of the library is in very poor condition. This single-storey building of the library comprising five small rooms are barely sufficient to accommodate the required furniture. The available furniture is not in use completely for shortage of space. It has approximately 15,000 to 200,00 books covering a large variety of subjects including English and Urdu literature, modern and western philosophy, psychology, journalism, international relations, political science, economics, history and a rich collection of magazines and newspapers. It also consists of a fine collection of Hindi Literature and ancient historic books of 20th century. About 5,000 to 6,000 people have membership of this library. The library was established before independence. Azad Press first used this building as a printing press and later it was converted into a library consisting of two rooms. In 1986 Chaudhry Ghulam Muhe-ud-Din constructed another block consisting of three more rooms. This is a season of arrival of new books and everyday more than 200 visitors come to the library , said Muhammad Sadiq, caretaker of the library. It also makes available daily English and Urdu newspapers and most of the visitors come here to read it. The library opens for a limited time from 8:am to 2:pm due to the shortage of staff. The staff is not willing to work for the second shift so we have to reduce the library timings, the caretaker further said. When asked about the availability of librarian, the caretaker said, often the librarian has to go to the Town Hall so he is not available all the time. There is no telephonic facility within the library. We applied many times for the connection but to our disappointment we failed to get it. When contacted, Director General of Public Libraries Punjab Imran Ghani said, It is my wish to see Shah Muhammad Ghaus Library under the control of DG Public Libraries Punjab. He wants to reorganise it in a way that it caters to all the information needs of the local people of walled city. He further said currently the district government runs the library and appealed to the chief minister to transfer the control of this library to the DG Public Libraries Punjab.