In 2006, the Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Younus and the Grameen Bank he founded jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize for their pioneering use of tiny, seemingly insignificant loans called micro credit, to lift millions out of poverty. Through his efforts and that of the bank he founded, poor people around the world, especially women, have been able to buy cows, a coop of chickens or the cell phone they desperately needed to get ahead. In other words, a small financial loan was given out to develop human resource enabling the poor to earn through hard work ensuring sustainable future growth. On the other hand in Pakistan, the government launched the Benazir Income Support Program through which a monthly payment of Rs 1000 per family is being made to the poor people without linking it to the sustainable human potential development. Comparing the two, it is obvious that we are turning people into beggars as compared to them who helped their people stand on their own two feet and live a life of dignity and respect. -DR IRFAN ZAFAR, Islamabad, via e-mail, August 1.