KARACHI - The treasury members of City council demanded of the convener that matter of abolishing the City council resolutions No 420 and 462 by Sindh government, should be challenged in the court, while opposition members said that the City council had no right to challenge the Chief Ministers authority. The demand was made during the City council session presided by Naib City Nazim Nasreen Jalil on Saturday. When the session started, leader of the house Asif Siddiqui said that according to the SLGOs Section (n) 39, the above-mentioned resolutions had been approved in accordance with the law. He termed Sindh governments decision of revoking the resolutions as intervention in the CDGK affairs. He said that all decisions made by the Sindh goverment in this regard were taken abruptly and it was assumed that the resolution 462 was comprised on the quarterly report of Master Plan Group of Offices and City council only noted it. Siddiqui was of the view that its the matter of City councils authority, therefore, debate should be conducted in the session regarding the issue. Whereas, Opposition leader Saeed Ghani rejected the treasury members opinion, and said that the City council had no right to challenge CMs authorities, and there was no need to take abrupt measures in this regard. Ghani said that the resolutions were not in the public interests. He also said that according to the notification of Sindh government, these resolutions had been revoked, so the copy of the notification should be given to the opposition bench. Other treasury members said that some forces had tried to create misunderstandings between PPP and MQM. Meanwhile, City council approved two resolutions on the basis of majority. The session was also chaired by presiding officer Absarul Hasan for a short while, and later it was adjourned till August 10 (tomorrow).