LAHORE - All major political parties, except PTI, have rejected PML-Ns suggestion regarding formation of a commission on new provinces, saying it was unconstitutional because solution to the problem lies in the Constitution. Talking to TheNation, PPP Punjab President Imtiaz Safdar Warraich said that there was no provision in the Constitution for setting up of a Commission on new provinces as proposed by the PML-N. He said PML-Ns demand was unconstitutional as there was no restriction in the Constitution for making new provinces; rather, it provided for a modus operandi to carve out new federating units through Parliament and the Provincial Assembly concerned. 'If people of a certain region come up with a demand whose solution is present in the Constitution, the PPP will support them, he said, adding, that such issues cannot be decided as per personal whims of anybody. Warraich said that Mian Nawaz Sharif should understand sensitivity of the situation and help the government to fulfil legitimate demand of the people living in southern Punjab. Meanwhile, Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa also rejected PML-Ns demand for formation of a Commission, and urged all the political leaders including Sharif brothers to develop a consensus over Saraiki province through consultations. He said the PML-N should oppose the resolution on new province in the Punjab Assembly which is the proper platform, and not in Speakers chamber. The Governor said that millions of rupees were being spent over the construction of fly-overs in Lahore but South Punjab which was the agricultural belt of the province was being ignored causing frustration among the people of Rajanpur, Layyah and other districts of Saraiki belt. PML-Q leaders while saying that history is being written regarding the opponents and supporters for creating a new province in South Punjab claimed that PML-N left with no other choice than to back a new federating unit in the province. PML-Q leaders hailing from South Punjab, Sikander Bosan, Khusro Bakhtiar and Ishaq Khaqwani said that the matter relating to formation of a new province had passed the phase of uttering mere statements and demanding commissions over the issue, as the people of southern parts wanted a new province on administrative grounds. They maintained that not a single political party or leader afford to go against the proposal of a new province in South Punjab. A leader of MQM said that his party had repeatedly proposed that a referendum should be held to decide the formation of new provinces and the demands of people be fulfilled in accordance with their aspirations. PTI central Secretary Information, Umer Sarfaraz Cheema while saying that his party would support every genuine demand of the masses proposed formation of a Parliamentary Commission for preparing recommendations to create a new province in South Punjab keeping in view the administrative, ethnic and political dimensions of the issue.