RISE of the Planet of the Apes did $54m, according to studio estimates from box-office tracking firm Hollywood.com. Propelled by strong reviews and an aggressive ad campaign by 20th Century Fox, Apes did about $14m more than projected. Rottentomatoes.com reports that the movie earned recommendations from 81% of the nations critics, a high percentage for an August action film. Fans went even more ape: 89% said they would give the movie an opposable thumbs-up. The movies origins-story premise was a long time coming, says Reagen Sulewski of boxofficeprophets.com. Between the 1968 original multiple sequels, TV series and spinoffs of the Planet of the Apes world, something that has never really been explored is exactly what led up to the ape domination of the Earth, he says. Its almost an unforgivable oversight. Still, Fox took few chances the movie would go under the radar, unleashing a barrage of TV ads and some unusual campaigns, including a team of men in gorilla suits hanging banners over overpasses that read The Apes Will Rise. They did, but they didnt lift the tide of all other movies. Agencies