QUETTA - Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Muhammad Aslam Raisani has rejected the idea of new provinces and said that it might cause destruction of the country, adding, to him the issue of the provinces was more emotional than political. In a statement issued here on Monday, the Chief Minister said that the issue of new provinces should not be raised at a time when the provinces needed more powers for strengthening the Federation. He said that the present provinces should be strengthened by granting them more powers as the powers under 18th Amendment were insufficient. Raisani said that the issue of new provinces might be detrimental for the country. He said that the nationalities living in any part of the country were respectful for him as they were associated with each other in a bond of brotherhood through culture, traditions and religions for centuries. The Chief Minister while criticising the separatist groups said that he did not agree with these handful elements as majority of the people of Balochistan wanted to continue to live with Pakistan. Without mentioning the name of his 14-year-old nephew who was killed in a bomb attack 15 days ago, he said that now the liberation organisations even did not spare 14-year-old boy in the name of Baloch cause. 'Some so called Baloch political leaders in their statements are questioning the nationality of their rivals. I do not need any certificate from anybody for my being as Baloch as in tribal hierarchy I am second to Khan-e-Baloch (chieftain) and was Baloch and am and will remain so, he added. He said that Baloch nation was being pushed towards civil war as very few elements raised the slogan of freedom and could attract only very limited number of people while majority had already rejected the notion of independence. He said that Pakistan was a reality and all Baloch would have to wage their struggle for their rights within its boundary instead of gunning down a teacher, a barber or a washerman or any innocent person by misleading the youth. Raisani further said that he still stood for rights of all nations under 1940 Resolution and would continue his struggle in this regard. He said that he knew the fact that the elements involved in terrorist activities in Balochistan were drawing their resources from where and these elements were known to all. He said that he always stood for progressive politics and some paid elements could not desist him from his struggle for the people of Balochistan.