In a move that would do a great injustice to the poverty stricken people, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority has raised the price of natural gas by a whopping 13.55 percent along with CNG whose price went up by Rs 7 per kg. That this is the third raise in a month is, indeed, shocking. There is no denying the contention of religious and political leaders that it amounts to an attack on the masses during the holy month of Ramazan. The increase has been inflicted on the poor only to save from default two gas utility companies in which the government had inducted thousands of its loyalists. Is this not a daylight robbery? As the raise has been made for all categories of users, the hardest hit will be domestic consumers and the transport sector that caters to the need of poor people looking for inexpensive travel. Most importantly, this massive increase would register the most deadly impact on economy and accelerate inflation. Since the country is hardly in a position to bear the existing inflationary pressure, this increase will only further compound the situation. The prices of basic food commodities milk, eggs, butter, wheat, meat and vegetables would register a big rise, thus making it hard for the faithful to attend to their obligation of observing fast in the holy month. Already the government has failed to control the artificial price hike and hoarding by an unscrupulous section of traders as a result of which the prices of food items have gone sky high. It is but clear that we are reaping the whirlwind of our decision to knock on the doors of IMF, which has been notorious for playing havoc with the economies of the Third World countries. The government is making the lives of the people all the more miserable. It needs to give up its lavish lifestyle and reverse its harmful decision to raise the gas price.