As the Sindh governments earlier decision to restore the local government system in Karachi and Hyderabad alone, leaving the rest of the province to be governed under the commissionerate system, came in for severe criticism from the ANP and Sindhi nationalist parties, it had second thoughts and rushed to introduce LGs all over the province. Apparently, the government realised the intensity of the reaction and the oddness of running two different administrative systems in the same federating unit and Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah had an ordinance immediately drafted and then himself took it to the Governor after midnight on Monday. The Governor, after discussing the matter with him, issued an ordinance to that effect, which became public around 03.00am. Thus, the commissionerate system remained in force in the province only for 28 days. In first introducing LGs in Karachi and Hyderabad and later covering the entire Sindh, the PPP did not consider it worthwhile to consult the ANP, an important coalition partner both at the centre and the province. In these twists and turns, the present PPP leadership demonstrated, once again, its tendency to pursue policies on an ad hoc basis, going along with a particular party when it suited its interests, but when the situation took a different turn it would not hesitate to jettison that party and opt for another partys recipe for a particular problem. The sole aim to remains in power Interestingly, the issue of most critical nature for which all this process of reconciliation had begun was to bring peace to the troubled city of Karachi. There seems to be no talk of it at all now, unfortunately, while the cycle of killings continues. The handing over of Karachi to the army to control the law and order situation and deweaponise he city, the only solution to which all the parties had agreed after other means had failed, seems to have been dropped by the wayside. Both the PPP and the MQM need to explain their positions to the anxious public, particularly the latter since in the last round of upsurge in target killing it was a vociferous complainant that its workers were being indiscriminately targeted. Both the ANP and the nationalist parties are opposed either to the introduction of LG system in Karachi and Hyderabad or to the whole of Sindh; for, in their view, commissionerates served the interests of the people better. There were shutter-down and strikes in the interior of the province in response to the nationalists call and gherao of PPP Ministers and leaders houses, accompanied by a flurry of activity to block the latest measure. ANPs provincial and central leaders are putting their heads together to decide the future course of action, but they intend to insist on retaining commissionerates and have restrained their Minister in the provincial cabinet from working till the issue is resolved in their favour. But the big question is the wanton deaths in Karachi, and unless the government sincerely and wholeheartedly addresses this problem, neither the people would have the satisfaction of peace, nor the government could function smoothly, the LGs or no LGs.