LAHORE The chicken is available nowhere in the provincial capital at the fixed rate of the City District Government of Rs200 per kg. While in the Ramazan Bazaars, where the provincial government is trying hard to show its performance by controlling the rates of kitchen items including the chicken, the dealers have refused to sell chicken meat at the governments fixed price. The district government though finally remained successful in fixing chicken meat prices at Rs200 per kilogram across the city including the Ramazan bazaars, yet it failed to implement the decision, as the vendors neither in open market nor at Sasta Bazaars, were offering the chicken at the rate set by the govt. The chicken in most of the Ramazan Bazaars was totally missing but in open market it was being sold for up to Rs230 per kg. At present, government has established 25 Ramazan Bazaars in the provincial capital but unfortunately maximum six bazaars were facilitating the chicken sale. The shoppers said that they could not find chicken at most of the Sunday Bazaars and they had to buy it from other markets at higher rates. The buyers observed that the city district government had failed to implement the prices of all major food items. Shopkeepers were of the view that they got live chicken at Rs150-160 per kg, translating into around Rs200 per kg for chicken meat. As to how it was possible for them to sell the commodity at governments fixed rate of Rs200 per kg, without having a little profit, they questioned.