OUR STAFF REPORTER NANKANA SAHIB - A suspected dacoit was killed after a shootout with police while a constable suffered injuries. Following a tip-off, the police conducted a rain on dacoits but they opened firing on the raiding party. In retaliation, the police did the same and killed Salahuddin alias Sirg while constable Mushtaq suffered injuries. The accused was wanted in several criminal activities including two murder, several dacoity and extortion cases. After the shootout Bahawal Sher, another dacoit from Faisalabad, was also arrested whereas their two accomplices managed to escape. Two Kalashnikov, pistols, several rounds of bullets and other weapons were recoverd from their possession. Appreciating the police performance, the DPO announced cash prizes and appreciation certificate for the raiding party. Furthermore, the police launched a crackdown against narcotics and liquor. Sadder police station, Nankana, recovered 15 liters of liquor from on Riaz Ahmed, 13 liters from Shaukat Ali and 20 liters from Muhammad Nawaz. Meanwhile, 250 grams of charas was recovered from on Muhammad Imran of Mohallah Islampura Buchaki.