OUR STAFF REPORTER NOORPUR THAL - Some of the development schemes could not be completed within the stipulated time due to the paucity of funds and other contributory factors, sources told The Nation on Monday. The Se3cond phase of the Greater Thal Canal has been delayed due to lack of funds, although phase-I of the projects has been completed but phase-II could not be completed due to lack of funds from the Ministry of Water and Power. The Nation also learnt that some politicians were also opposing the completion of the mega project. Social workers Advocate Malik Tahir Mehmood Ghanjira, Advocate Raja Muhammad Ashraf, Haji Noor Gul and PML-N local leader Malik Aziz Hussain Jara have expressed grave concern over the inordinate delay in the completion of the project. They urged the government to remove all the hurdles in the way of timely completion of the project in the large interest of farmers of Thal. The mega project of Greater Thal Canal was started in 2001 and its phase-I had been completed in 2008. According to Farmers Welfare Association, the project of GTC is very essential for the prosperity of the desert areas.