LAHORE - The City School Systems has joined hands with the Waste Busters and launched the 'Anti-Litter Campaign on Monday which aimed at street litter spread by commuters throwing trash out of their cars on the streets of Lahore. According to the spokesman of Waste Buster, there are more than 1 million cars are plying on the roads and streets of the provincial metropolis and almost everyone used to throw some piece of trash out while travelling on the City roads. This trash is accumulating into alarming proportions and gives an untidy look to an otherwise beautiful city known throughout the world for its aesthetic beauty and greenery. Students from the City School approached Waste Busters to help them launch the Anti-Litter campaign where the students handed out Car Pouches specially designed and crafted by them for storing car litter. Travellers can use the reusable car pouches for stashing away the litter pieces such as wrappers, fruits peels, cigarette butts, paper, glass or plastic bottles when they have consumed the eatables and empty it when they reach their homes and reuse the cloth bags again. We hope to bring some sense of responsibility amongst the citizen, specially the so-called educated class who travel in big fancy cars but have no shame in throwing litter out on the street said Chairman Waste Busters Asif Farooki. He further said they were pinning our hopes on the young students to become agents of change and hopefully they should see a positive change in behavior of people. The students are prepared a float in which they will be advocating in major commercial centres of the City such as Liberty market, Barkat Market, Main Boulevard, Defence Y Block and other popular areas throughout the week and finally culminate with a grand finale on the eve of Independence Day at The Mall. Celebrities such as pop star Abrarul Haq, Tennis Star Aisamul Haq, Commissioner Lahore and prominent politicians are expected to join in the grand finale.