Stable and sound economyworks like apowerful engine for the overall development of a country. In other words, a stable economy is the lifeline of all our individual and collective activities. Without sound economy, it is quite difficult for a country to achieve itsdesired national objectives in the fields of education, health, employment, infrastructure, etc. Unfortunately, for quite some decades our economy has been experiencing a tremendous pressure where it has become very difficult forthe successive governments to seek the solution of all our problems fromthe country'sgenerated revenues both at the national(through taxes)and the international level(through exports). Wemust takesome bold and radicalmeasures to get ourselves out of the present economic predicament. In this regard, I propose the following measures: a) It is quiteof worrying sign thatout of the total population of around 180 million in the country,only17 million people (hardly 10% percent)are paying their taxes and quite a sufficient number ofthem have been dodging the government on this front for quite sometimeby not paying their rightful taxes. How can a government/countryrun its national affairs without sufficient revenues at its disposal? For increasing the revenues of the country and for giving a boost tothe economy,it is important that we expand ourtax netacross the country. All the tax-dodgers should be brought within the tax net. b) Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. Therefore, every effort must be made to bring innovation in the production ofagricultural products in our country. Modern techniques of sowing and harvesting crops should be introduced for getting maximum yield per acre. c) More and more cottage industries should beestablished in the country. This would help in reducing povertybesides generating economic activity in the country. d) Without improving law and order situation in the country, it is quite difficult to bring improvement in our economy. The stability of our economy is directly linked with the normal law and order situation in the country. e) There is a greater needto attract maximumforeign and local private investments in the country. Investors should be given maximum concessionsso that theyare attractedfor theestablishment of different industrial units in the country. This will boost up our economy besides helping in reducing the menace of unemployment. f) New markets should be searched for the export of Pakistani products. g) There is a greater need to improve theinfrastructure of the country. The establishment of roads, bridges and the provision of electricity, gas and telecom facilities in many parts of the country (especially in rural areas)will definitely attract many investors. h) We cannot achieve anymajor breakthrough in our economywithout reallyovercoming the currentenergy crisisin the country. The supply of both electricity and gasto industriesis ofvital importancefor maximizing output ofvarious products in the country. i) Smallloansshould be sanctionedto deserving poor families on the soft conditionalities so that they are able toopentheir business. This would definitely help in improving their economiccondition. j)With the maximization of exports, we can give a positive push to our economy. In this regard, earned foreign exchangewill help us in maintaining both our balance of trade and balance of payments positions. k) Only unavoidable items should be imported. Maximum efforts must be made to encouragehome made products. There should be a complete ban on the import of those items which are produced locally and are available in abundance. l) There is a need to give boost tothe constructionindustryof the country. This would generate great economic opportunities for the unemployed. m) Smuggling of goods from our country has become a permanent feature now. In this regard complete vigilance should be observed by the Customs officials posted at different borders and check postsof the country. n)Maximum opportunities should be given to the technical and skillful persons of the country. Their experience and expertise will help a lot in achieving the required results within a venture. o) Unfortunately, no serious effort has been made by the successive governmentsof the country toproperly utilize the resources of the country. We can improve our economy to a great extent if we sincerely take effortsin tapping and finally using our resources properly. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, August 3.