WASHINGTON - Stating that Pakistan and the United States need each, Pakistani Ambassador Husain Haqqani has urged Washington to take steps to win over hearts and minds of the Pakistani people who harbour suspicions about America. Pakistanis continue to see America as a fickle ally - Americans continue to doubt Pakistans commitment in eliminating all forms of terrorism from our soil. But underneath it all there is also recognition that both countries need each other, Haqqani said in an interview with WTOP all-news radio station. Discussing the current tensions, he said: When the Americans come into Pakistan in a military fashion, unilaterally with guns blazing, essentially they are creating fear amongst the populous, which instead of looking upon them as friends starts being suspicious. There are enough suspicions about the US in Pakistan already, he said. There is a lot of negativity, which the US needs to fight to change public opinion and win over hearts and minds, but in a circumstance like that, to do something like this, results in more negativity. According to Haqqani, the situation resulting from the killing of two Pakistanis in January by Raymond David, a CIA employee, was handled in a very careless manner by the US. Raymond Davis killed two Pakistanis in cold blood in the city of Lahore and another Pakistani was killed when a team that was trying to rescue him overran a bicyclist. So from the point of view of the people of Pakistan, this man just killed Pakistanis (and expected to be released because of his diplomatic status), he said. WTOP then quoted an unnamed Pakistani defence official tells WTOP, saying: Had the US told us of Davis status in the beginning, the entire affair could have been resolved in a very short period of time. But the official angrily said, The arrogance of the US wouldnt allow them to do so.