In another of a series of confidence-building measures between India and Pakistan, the two countries have decided to set up a hotline between the railway stations at Attari in India and Wagah in Pakistan. The hotline service is an attempt to improve the existing trade environment and movement of passengers between the two countries. The decision was taken at a recent meeting of customs officials of both countries in Lahore. This was the second meeting of the officials. The first meeting was held in Amritsar in June. Officials on both sides are working on this. The hotline service will be started soon, said additional customs commissioner SM Akhtar, who was part of the Indian delegation to Lahore. A hotline is already functional for the Attar-Wagah road link. Both the countries stressed that steps must be taken to eradicate problems in passenger movement and border trade, Akhtar said. Customs commissioner Ranjit Singh headed the three-member Indian delegation. The delegations also talked about increasing the border trade hours so that it could flourish further, Akhtar said. The governments of both the countries have decided to hold regular meetings between the customs officials to eradicate problems in trade and passenger movement, and also curb cross-border smuggling.