LAHORE - The Punjab government has decided to revive ‘Heer Recitation’ competition on the eve of Pir Waris Shah’s Urs in Jandiala Sher Khan.

This was disclosed by Provincial Minister for Education, Sports and Tourism Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan while presiding over a meeting held at Punjab Tourism Complex, Lahore.

It has also been decided to convene Basant Bahar Kite Flying competitions at Changa Manga forest in the coming season of Basant i.e. end of March 2014.

However, the prohibition on kite flying in Lahore and other urban areas of the province will be strictly followed and implemented. The minister informed the meeting that the beautiful kites and string made of harmless yarn material will be provided by the TDCP to the kite flyers and the tourists with the financial assistance by various corporate companies.

Punjab Tourism Development Corporation (TDCP) Managing Director Habibur Rehman Gillani apprised the meeting of the changes incorporated in the syllabi of primary and elementary level which would help familiarize the new generation with the worth seeing places of Pakistan particularly that of the province of Punjab in a novel manner.

Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan while presiding over the meeting said every nook and corner of Pakistan is worth seeing provided we glorify it in a way that the foreign tourists would come to see our civilization which is no doubt our pride. This would also help improve the soft image of Pakistan world over, the Minister added. He said the overwhelming majority of Pakistani people are peace loving and a little minority of extremists have distorted our image as terrorists.

He said that our invaluable historic heritage, our thrilling sports and terrific civilization of our people living in mountains, deserts and on the banks of rivers is the real face of Pakistan which should be highlighted before the international comity. He said institute of tourism and hotel management being run by TDCP in Lahore has been equipped by professional management and a training course of tourism guides is also being introduced in the institute.

The government has decided to appoint popular celebrities for a period of six month on rotation basis as ambassador of tourism in Punjab. He disclosed that state of the art bus service like open bus service of London and Barcelona will start playing in Lahore city in the last quarter of this year in Lahore also. The facility of tourist guide will also be available in this bus service.