The government is chosen by the people in a democracy and people express their views through votes, after which policies are devised by ‘popular demand’. The people can retaliate if they disagree with the government’s policies. However, now we are witnessing a new form of democracy. People in USA are staging protest against Israel on a large scale. Over thousands of people are taking to the streets with no result. Instead of listening to the people’s demands, the USA is sending forces to help Israel. One has to wonder what form of democracy is being practiced by the stalwart democratic USA.

History shows that Richard Nixon had to resign on ‘popular demand’ due to the Watergate scandal. Bill Clinton destroyed his career due to a sex scandal. Back in 2010, Obama approved healthcare reforms which ignited widespread protests, and on popular demand, the government had to retract the Bill. But now, USA has blatantly disregarded popular demand and is granting aid to Israel. However, according to a recent Gallup Survey, 51% of Americans believe that the Israel attack is unjustified, compared to 25% who believe, it is justified. Thousands of people are protesting and in the chambers, a few senators are granting aid. One wonders what happened to ‘popular demand’.


Islamabad, August 6.