Pakistan is ruled like a monarchy by a handful of filthy rich landlords and businessmen. These ‘Elite’ have done more to ruin the country than any enemy from outside. They are like termites, and have eaten the country from the inside. Who needs any enemies when we have such criminal rulers? Let’s see who these so-called ‘elites’ are. The first that come to mind, are the two main political families, the Sharif’s and the Bhutto’s. Then comes Mian Mansha, Altaf Hussain, some religious leaders, generals, retired generals, bureaucrats, a few journalists, and some NGOs. Commonly, the word ‘elite’ applied to the landed-feudal group, which was originally part of the ruling elite since 1947. Now the state’s civil and military bureaucracy, also using state resources, have created their own businesses and made a new ‘elite’ group. Collection of funds by religious groups, corruption by political ruling party and the access to foreign capital and abundance of black money, backed by state has added new names to the ‘elite’ list. The ‘elite’ are all interconnected and have taken the shape of a large fraternity of common interests. It is due to the expansion of the ‘elite’ and its incestuous nature that Pakistan may not see its own version of Arab Spring. However, no one wants to solve the issues but desires power at all cost. Pakistan does not have solution to rid the country of these ‘elite’ leeches which have sucked the nation dry nor has anyone any idea how to change this flow. Nothing will change until we can get rid of this cancerous part of our country.


Islamabad, August 2.