Lively reveals anniversary plans


BFT LOS ANGELES - Blake Lively has revealed that she and husband Ryan Reynolds like to make each other anniversary gifts. The Gossip Girl actress married the actor in September 2012, and as the loved-up couple approach their second anniversary, she told E News that they like creating personal presents for each other.

‘Normally, we make something for each other,’ she said. ‘Because that’s something that lasts and isn’t something you just found and bought in a store.’ Blake also told how Ryan has been hands-on since she launched her lifestyle website, Preserve. She said: ‘He’s incredibly involved. We’re involved in everything that the other does. ‘But he’s influenced my taste so much on things like home design, things that I never loved before I now love because of him.’ ‘There is nothing that goes through that I don’t run by him,’ she added.

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