Lahore- Punjab Law Minister Rana Mashhood today said that Tahir-ul-Qadri wanted to turn the country into Syria , Iraq and Libya .

Speaking to journalists, Rana said that Qadri wanted to create chaos and unrest in the country added that civil war was the agenda of Qadri , who wanted to destabilize Pakistan like Syria , Libya and Iraq .

Criticizing the Pakistan Awami Tehreek, he claimed that he wants to impose the agenda of his foreign lords.

 Mashhood said “talks of brining revolution are tantamount to abrogating the country’s laws and constitution.”

He claimed that Dr. Tahir ul Qadri was using women as human shield, adding that Model Town had been made a no-go area in Lahore.

“When no-go areas in North Waziristan were made, the military was called out to normalize the situation in the Agency,” Mashhood said. He termed the activists of PAT as “terrorists”, who he said are making innocent people hostage. “Dr Tahir ul Qadri did not show up in hard times especially during deadly floods and earthquakes," he said.

Citing a report, the Punjab minister said over 300 policemen has been injured across the province. He said Qadri workers have kidnapped over 50 policemen including some critically injured. The law minister also said that Qadri had usurped a garden in front of his house and he would ensure that they take the land back from him. “Tahirul Qadri has no specific agenda,” he said, adding that he is inciting PAT workers to attack police.

Questioning why he is marking Youm-e-Shuhuda, Mashood expressed grief over those killed during the Model Town clashes on June 17 and said that a joint investigation team is probing into the incident.