KABUL: Several South Asian countries are making remarkable efforts to overcome their energy shortage, which they are currently facing or which they expect to face in the next years.
For the past several years, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India had been suffering from a dire energy crisis because these countries did not increase their energy capacity.
This is not only affecting different sectors of the economy, but also diverse segments of society as well as the relation among these countries.
Tapi’s route may serve as a stabilising corridor, linking neighbours together in economic growth and prosperity.–NNI

The road ahead is long for this project, but the benefits could be tremendous and are certainly worthy of the diligence demonstrated by the four countries so far.
By 2040 Afghanistan population will grow thrice and the need for energy will also significantly increase in the country, Tolonews reported Friday.
In 2050, our neighbour Pakistan’s electricity requirements will grow three-fold. If sufficient resources are not allocated and utilised effectively and efficiently, the energy crisis will further aggravate.