If and when there is a change, will the new rulers be prepared to build Kalabagh dam? If not, then they too will fall flat on their face, because only growth in industry and agriculture can revive the economy of Pakistan, and only Kalabagh dam can do that. If they think they can bridge the gap between supply and demand with small dams, they are welcome to go on living in a fool’s paradise. Dasu dam will do nothing for agriculture, potatoes will remain at Rs100 per kg, and will remain out of the reach of the poor. I am sure most of them will wonder what all the sound and fury was about in August of 2014.

Only Kalabagh dam can utilize the copious flow of the many tributaries of Indus, now going to waste, to make a substantial change in the 104 maf, with which we have been managing for the last 38 years and will continue to do so. How can such lies, be propagated still. These questions will be asked and some will have to take responsibility for not taking any action.


Lahore, August 6.