In the past 29 days, the world has witnessed an unprecedented violation of the sanctity of medical institutions by Israel in Gaza. Several hundred innocent children and women were brutally killed by unmanned drones, distant tank attacks and fire from ships. Daylight murders and massacres were carried out, without any regret or shame. The citizens of Gaza have no aerial protection, like Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defence System, nor do they have any Air Force, Navy, or proper military. You only have to look at the number of dead and the story is very clear.

The entire saga was a staged drama for Israel to attack Gaza, on the pretext that 3 Israelis were murdered by Hamas. It’s interesting to note that Israel has the right to self-defense but not the Palestinians.

Since the First World War and the formation of the Red Cross, the world has respected medical aid during war and have never killed doctors or nurses. Israel has shown blatant violation of this International Law. Over 17 hospitals were attacked, killing patients, health care workers and attendants. Due to almost complete blockade and siege medicines are not available in Gaza.

The world looks on and is quiet at this carnage. Homes, schools, universities, UN shelters, children’s parks, bustling roads, bazaars, shops and power houses were all deliberately targeted, killing around 1900 innocent human beings and seriously injuring over 7000. The world is quiet because Muslims are dying. The uproar that USA created after 9/11 should be now heard all around the globe as 1900 have already died in Gaza.


Islamabad, August 5.