ISLAMABAD- Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said “country cannot afford political confrontation, Imran Khan should sit with us, and we are ready to go for talks on recounting .”

He said this while addressing National Security Conference (NSC) in Prime Minister House today. Conference was attended by finance minister Ishaq Dar, Ghulam Ahmad Bilour, Chief minister Balochistan, Abdul Malik Baloch, Hasil Bazenjo, defence minister Khawaja Asif, senator Kalsoom Perveen of BNP, DG ISI Lt Gen Zahir ul Islam, Khurshid Shah, Raza Rabbani, chief minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah, Afrasyab Khattak and Mehmood Khan Achakzai.

“Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has demanded for recounting in 10 constituencies. Amir Jamaat-e- Islami (JI) Seraj ul Haq and Liaqat Baloch has told me after their meeting with Imran Khan that this was the demand of Khan Sahib, if government conducts recounting in 10 constituencies then PTI is ready to end long march. I am ready to go to Imran Khan for resolution of matter. But the country cannot afford long march at present,” he added.

“We accepted mandate given by the people in the general elections-2013. We acted as responsible opposition during previous government and I hope the incumbent government will also demonstrate responsibility,” he remarked.

He held development of the country hinges upon peace. “All the political parties accepted each other mandate during general elections with open mind. We accepted mandate of other parties in all the provinces and afforded them opportunity to form government. These governments are still in place.  Federal government cooperated with every provincial government. We are striving for improving national economy,” he added.

He observed “in such circumstances no one becomes prime minister for luxuries. We are ready to listen to just complaint of every one. They should make us understand that what revolution and how the revolution will be brought about. If they want to bring revolution for creating chaos then such revolution is not acceptable.

He held “Imran Khan should come with his demands and talk to us. We are ready to negotiate with him for recounting . We are ready for talks without hesitation. We have not come here for playing politics and we have come here to bail out Pakistan from problems.”

He went on to say “what and which revolution in Pakistan. If someone talks of revolution in Pakistan, it is not acceptable to us at any cost. No country can afford internal and external conspiracies. We are ready to talk to those staging long march.”

Prime Minister said that relations with Afghanistan were not so good. We want better relations with new Afghan government. There was no other neighboring country except China with which we had prideful ties. It is my desire that we all should together make Pakistan stronger. One party will not sit in the corridors of power for ever.  Those talking of long march and Azadi march should come to make the country stronger. If Pakistan grows stronger then they can stage long march. This is not the right time to talk this way. After one year you are talking about what matters.

He said that previous conference had the same objectives. Opinion was solicited during the last meeting over holding talks with militants. Unfortunately this dialogue could not succeed. Then decision was taken with consensus to launch operation for weeding out terrorism. Thousands of people including soldiers were martyred in terror related incidents.

He went on to say every school of thought was perturbed over growing terrorism. The terrorists attacked Karachi airport. The terrorists martyred several officers and soldiers including a Maj General. Launching operation against the terrorists had become inevitable.

He stated “Pakistan needs peace and we can make progress with peace. New beginning has started following elections-2013.”

He concluded, “on one said operation Zarb-e-Azb is continuing and on the other side country is facing energy crisis. We are also facing challenges to put the country on the path to economic uplift. If any political party has just demands and they come under the ambit of government and constitution then talks can be held with them. But in the prevailing situation Tahir ul Qadri is talking of what revolution. What are his designs? No one will be allowed to create disruption on the way to economic development of the country in the name of revolution.”