The National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) is an internationally recognized research institution. It has been established and modernised for 40 years with continuous assistance of UN and friendly countries. Visionary, progressive governments patronise and fund such research institutions for continuous improvements. Reportedly, some greedy politicians and bureaucrats are persuading worthy PM to let them shift the NARC to oblivion and grab its 1400 acres research farmland to convert into a housing scheme for quick money.

Worthy PM please note that there is no dearth of houses and plots if the CDA is made functional to develop housing sectors awaiting development for years, to vacate about two thousand residential units in non—conforming use in compliance with the court orders, and to regulate land of reportedly 105 illegal housing societies operating in Islamabad.

With all sincerity, I appeal to worthy PM to please beware of those greedy politicians and bureaucrats who are bent upon causing immense damage to credibility and vision of the PML(N) government.


Rawalpindi, August 1.