Jeddah: The terrorist act last Thursday at the special emergency forces mosque in Asir region was carried out by 21-year-old Saudi suicide bomber Yusuf Bin Sulaiman Bin Abdullah Al-Sulaiman, security spokesman of the Ministry of Interior stated to SPA.

The blast took place on Thursday while the personnel of the special emergency forces in Asir region were performing Dhuhr (mid-day) prayer in congregation in the mosque at the forces’ headquarters.

The bombing martyred 15 people and injured 33 others. Shreds and human body parts were found at the scene of the incident believed to be the result of a blast using an explosive vest.

The authorities, following investigations of the heinous crime, said the bombing was carried out by the suicide bomber using an explosive vest.

The security authorities are still following up on the terrorist incident.

The Ministry of Interior, the spokesman said, would like to stress that such a cowardly, treacherous act that did not respect the sanctity of the place nor the inviolability of innocent lives shows the evilness, criminal nature and falsehood of this thought.

These base acts will only increase the determination of the security men and citizens to repulse deviant thought and pursue those who adopt it.

They will protect the religion and the security and stability of this country and its citizens. May Allah have mercy on the souls of the martyrs, may paradise be their abode and may the injured have a quick recovery.

The security spokesman said the criminal act resulted in the martyrdom of 15 worshipers, of whom five were security men working at the headquarters, six were trainees in courses on Haj security and four were Bangladeshi workers at the site.

The 15 worshipers who died were identified as Cpl. Ahmed Mousa Ali Al Hassaan Al-Rabei, Cpl. Sultan Muhammad Ahmed Al-Shahrani, Cpl. Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah Al Awwadh Asiri, Cpl. Mufrih Ali Ahmed Al Abu Marei Asiri, Cpl. Eid Mater Mubarak Al-Shahrani, Trainee Pvt. Abdullah Ayidh Abdullah Al Saad, Trainee Pvt. Omar Ahmed Omar Abu Shoushah Asiri, Trainee Pvt. Abdulaziz Abdullah Yahya Bin Mishraf, Trainee Pvt. Falah Jaber Saad Al Shannan Al-Qahtani, Trainee Pvt. Mishal Ali Maghram Al-Asiri, Trainee Pvt. Mamdouh Safar Muhammad Al-Musaili Al-Harthi, Muhammad Bilal Hussein Muhammad (Bangladeshi), Afazuddin Noor Noubi (Bangladeshi), Mud Jabibon Abdulhameed (Bangladeshi) and Maqal Mureedah (Bangladeshi).

Courtesy Saudi Gazzette