Lahore - Videos of victims in the largest child abuse scandal show children of varying ages, including boys and girls. The videos appear to be made for a clientele, with promos with rap songs interspersed with lewd Punjabi lyrics. The children in a video are displayed in an edited clip at the beginning with a musical montage.

In several cases the children appear to be unaware that they are being filmed. In one such case, a boy pleads with the perpetrator, "Please, don't shut the door." The abuser locks the door, and the boy protests, trying to leave, while the abuser coaxing him to stay, saying repeatedly, "I won't do anything." In others, perpetrators are heard to be whispering instructions and directions for the victims to follow for the camera. Some kind of card number visible at the start of the video, indicating a reference number with which videos may have been made and sold.

In many videos, children appear to be groggy, as though drugged. In one video a child sobs, and a voice behind the camera says, "Smile." When the child continues to cry, the same voice says, "Only if you smile will I leave you alone. Otherwise, I will keep filming." "Bhai yeh na banao," (Please don't make this film) pleads a boy in another video. Almost unconscious, another one cries, "Bus, bhai." In another video a child cries, while holding up his hands up to hide from the camera.