LAHORE - Jamaat-e-Islami chief Sirajul Haq is still of the belief that the politics of Karachi is being controlled from London.

Addressing overseas Pakistanis at Mansoora on Saturday, the JI chief held that external powers wanted to continue their hold on the port city - the political and economic lifeline of the country- in line with their ‘Great Game’. He urged the Muslims, particularly, Pakistanis to get united for facing the challenges ahead.

Siraj, at the same time, demanded of Turkey and Pakistan to play effective role in removing the misunderstandings between Saudi Arabia and Iran and bringing the two Islamic countries closer. The conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran must be avoided, he underscored.

“The western powers always try to divide the Muslims on racial and sectarian grounds to weaken their power and to grab their vast resources, leading to wars like in Syria, Yemen and Libya.”

The JI chief also pointed out the high ratio of corruption in the country. “While Pakistanis working abroad are remitting huge amounts to Pakistan in foreign exchange, the politicians are transferring the public money abroad,” he regretted and announced his party would retrieve the plundered wealth if succeeded to form a government. He was also sure JI would emerge as a strong party in next general elections.

Haq disapproved the denial of the voting right to overseas Pakistanis. Millions of Pakistanis livingin other countries should be given an opportunity to play their role in national politics, he further demanded.