islamabad (PR) - Roots National Institute of Teacher Training and Education (RNITTE) organised the graduation ceremony for Montessori Material Methodology Workshop 2015 participants here at Roots Millennium Campus, I-9/3.

Ambassador Masood Khan, Director General ISS, graced the occasion with her precious presence as chief guest and enlightened audience on ‘educating and training young children and self respect’ and shared his experiences of professional career.

He appreciated the efforts of RNITTE for providing great and effective learning opportunities to the teachers of Roots Millennium Schools Management Staff.

Chief Executive RMS Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq (TI) shared his views with the audience and said that learning is a journey, not a destination.

He also appreciated Sabina Zakir, Director Schools & Outreach, and Manager RNITTE Sahrish Javed for the successful culmination of the annual 8th Montessori Materials and Methodology Workshop 2015.

“From the beginning, the vision of our training department is to bring teachers into direct contact with the opportunities which will have a great impact on their professional development.

We provide our teachers great learning opportunities to learn from leading scholars, academia and educational thinkers in a stimulating environment, surrounded by learning and academic resources.”

RNITTE Teacher Development Conferences and workshops have offered a mixture of intellectual replenishment, ultimately the aim is to support and invigorate classroom teaching with the new ideas and energy, new texts and techniques, new content and connections.