a difference of opinion

A: I can’t believe that this is happening in Pakistan. The people who have preyed on little children do not deserve to be called men. It is appalling.

S: That part of the problem… that they call themselves “men”. How many times have we heard that a “man has needs”? That a man has “rights” over a woman? This is a result of that thinking. A “man” can get away with these things. Rape, child molestation, domestic abuse… all committed by men. Yet, it is women who have to be shut away in cages, and children who have to be watched. How about putting all men away for a change?

A: That not right, we are not all like that Sadiq.

S: Aren’t we? It was men who did this, men who defended them, men in the police who refused to file FIR’s, a male MPA who protected the culprits…

A: The journalist who broke the story was also a man, and you, who is speaking out for women and children, are also one. Be logical.

S: No Ameen. I am being logical. When a woman is raped, we blame her. When a child is molested we blame the parents… When do we start blaming the criminal who takes advantage of the physically weak? This depravity exists because we don’t debate these things. We give the male ego too much space and too much credit in religion and social life. The second a liberal activist start arguing about women’s and children’s rights, you right wingers role your eyes and talk about culture and honour and propriety and call them American agents or worse. This is where your shut-up-call has led us.

A: You are right Sadiq. We need to talk about these things more. This tragedy is too great. Some things need to change.