LAHORE - Young doctors locked the office of Paediatrics head at King Edward Medical University/Mayo Hospital after he refused to sign registration documents of new PG trainees.

Dr Inam Ullah Barki and Dr Umair Rana with other office bearers of oung Doctors Association (YDA) Mayo Hospital approached Prof Akmal Laiq at his office for registration on new PG trainees. After Prof Laiq refused to sign the documents, the infuriated doctors made him hostage in his own office by locking the door from outside.

On the intervention of Medical Superintendent, Prof Laiq and other consultants were freed after two hours.

The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) condemned the incident. The association regreted the young doctors’ illegal act. The PMA raised the demand for an impartial investigation and exemplary punishment to doctors involved in harassment of senior consultants so that such shameful action could be brought to an end.