Karachi with a population of 22 million people, six industrial zones and 10,000 industrial units produces up to 12000 tons of solid wastes and 500 million gallons per day of waste water almost all of which ends up in the sea polluting and damaging marine life to a greater extent. 

Beside this other factors such as shipping, overfishing, coastal development, tourism and industrialisation and other factors have severally effected the marine life along with the Karachi port and port is considered as world’ s most polluted port. 

Now with the development of Gwadar port the same perils the marine life of Gwadar is going to face, here we will briefly illuminate the threats due to Gwadar port in the cloak of human activities. 

Industrialisation will develop with development of Gwadar port and the industrialisation has annihilated marine life due to oil pollution, deficiency of treatment plants, industrial wastes find their way to sea which effects the sea birds, sea mammals, causes different diseases to different fishes and shell fishes and can effect human being by eating that diet. in the past industrialisation has broadly effected the North Sea, yellow sea, North Atlantic (George bank) and Gulf of Mexico and almost vanished the fish industry at that localities. in future the industrialisation can be a potential risk to marine life circling the port. 


Balochistan, July 9.