Boko Haram in Nigeria, Taliban in Pakistan, ISIS in Syria, Iraq and Libya, natural calamities in Thar, Sindh, and issues in India, the Philippines are bound to take a toll on future generations. According to Europol, 10,000 plus migrant children from different countries are missing from different camps for migrants in the European Union. It’s another shock of 2016 about the future of children. Europol has confirmed that the worst is yet to come because this number may increase. EU and other world bodies have completely mishandled the migration crisis, which started due to a failed Arab spring. Syria, Libya and Egypt are examples of failed Arab spring, which engulfed Arab countries from 2011. Five years down the road and now, the world is facing failures of Arab spring. Tunisia is the only country where the Arab Spring successfully ousted the empire and now Tunisia is reaping the fruits of a nascent democracy. The Arab Spring further divided nations and created a great gap between Iran and Saudi Arabia. Now, the rift between Iran and Saudi Arabia has been further increased, which will hurt the future of the Muslim countries.

The most vulnerable group of every crisis are always women and children. The future of young children/future generations is at risk and will certainly harm the global efforts for the future of children. In every situation, right or wrong, children are an easy target of exploitation. Europe may soon witness another wave of slavery because of the migrant crisis.

According to the Europol report, the international criminal infrastructure is exploiting situation and using migrant children for sex and slavery purposes. One figure shows that over one million migrants reached Europe in the last 27 months and 27 percent (270,000) are children. Despite the risk of death, destruction and deportation, many children were whisked away from camps and some left families to save their own future. Tensions are now escalating over all of Europe due to the issue of children.

Globally, migrant crisis is impacting modern civilised societies. These crises of children joining sex and slavery will not only affect the European Union but the entire globe. Unfortunately, the UN Security Council failed to address the immigration crisis and still the Syria issue is lingering on. In Nigeria, Boko Haram is also exploiting children for their nefarious designs. Hundreds of children have been killed by Boko Haram. In India and China, children are frequently facing issues due to poverty, social injustice and caste related issues.

In Pakistan, children of the desert (Thar desert in Sindh Pakistan) are also facing crisis after crisis due to frequent droughts, climate change and governance related man-made issues. Children are dying in Thar desert on almost a daily basis due to multiple birth related issues. The need of Thar children is different from need of children who are forcibly migrating due to civil war in different countries. Thar children have no any access to water, food and proper health facilities. Government is facilitating hospitals in small cities of Thar but children are dying in far flung areas of Thar, where there is less availability of food and essential necessities. Health facilities located at the union council level are mostly dysfunctional. The civil society is also doing nothing sustainable in Thar. Thousands of projects have come and gone, but the civil society of Thar is still depending on donor funding and sustainability or institutionalisation of civil society has not been achieved. No one knows that how to save the children of Thar. All efforts of the government are going down the drain. The children of Thar need solutions at their doorstep and pregnant mothers need care from the very first day of pregnancy till the birth of child (1000 days of pre and post-natal care are important to save a child). A joint effort is required to resolve the Thar crisis.

In Punjab, the situation is becoming worse due to continuous kidnapping of children. Hundreds of children have been kidnapped in Lahore and Government is doing nothing to arrest culprits. These kidnapped children will worsen situation in Punjab if the government will not resolve issue within a suitable timeframe.

Donors and INGOs like PLAN International are doing a commendable job regarding children all around the globe. I think it is the collective responsibility of all UN agencies, INGOs, philanthropists and responsible local civil society members, which are working at a local level, must save the children of the future from slavery, caste, colour, ethnic, religious fanaticism, kidnapping and forced sex business. Children who are suffering from immigration, droughts and other related issues are the collective responsibility of the whole civilised nation. We must save children to save future generations.