“There is absolutely no honour in so called honour killings.”

–Theresa May – July, 2016.

Our society and its ‘popular’ beliefs about honour have been artfully constructed by pseudo-religious scholars in an attempt to conserve patriarchy and the temporal/spiritual dichotomy. All those who taught us to worship honour should be asked; what is honour? Honour is about keeping carnal instincts at bay, preserving integrity, honesty and moral righteousness. Honour is not about taking the law into our own hands and deciding what is virtuous or not. The honour of our nation only comes in action when a woman deviates. In 1999, Samia Sarwar was shot in the name of honour when she eloped with her lover. In 2008, Tasleem Khaton’s murder was orchestrated by her own father in law who accused her of carrying a child conceived out of wedlock. Only over a period of six years, from 1998 to 2004, 4,000 women had been put to death in the name of the shameless honour which was slumbering away when in 2002, when Mukhtaran Bibi was gang-raped by four men on the orders of her own village council. In 2007, thirteen-year-old Kainat Soomroo was kidnapped drugged and gang raped by four very ‘honourable’ men. Innocent five-year-old Sumbal’s life was scarred at a tender age by one of these many disciples of honour we have surrounded ourselves with. Honour is worth preserving because it bestows upon us the respect we command. If only honour was put into practice in the true sense of the word!