Poor quality material is being used for the construction of Sahiwal railway station. Useless bricks were placed at the base of building and after this walls never properly coated with cement also complete material was never utilised properly.

Yet construction is just in the initial phases and this is the height of negligence, we don’t know what will be happen in future. My question is this, 24 billion rupees is allocated for the construction of railway station. Construction should be completed in 18 months but 3 months has been passed away and the rubble of old building is still there and never thrown away by the station management.

All ways to reach station are blocked due to heap of bricks, sand and other material of old building which creating a huge trouble for the passengers, who are compel to walk through this dusty way.

Public is recorded their protest against them and demanded to government and higher authorities of Pakistan Railways to take notice of this situation.


Sahiwal, July 8.