KARACHI - At least two photo journalists associated with private television channels were killed in the bomb blast at the Civil Hospital in Quetta on Monday.

The cameramen who died were Shehzad Khan, associated with Aaj TV, and Mehmood Khan, working with DawnNews channel.

Both cameramen rushed to Civil Hospital to cover the event as Balochistan Bar Association President  Bilal Kasi was wounded in an armed attack and shifted to the hospital where the blast occurred. Shehzad had been working as cameraman for the last 10 years while his association with Aaj TV lasted for seven years. The deceased left two kids and a wife behind. Shehzad’s body was transferred to Mastung where he was buried beside his father’s grave after funeral prayer, which was attended by his relatives and members of journalists community.

Shehzad Khan could be heard loud and clear on the camera as the explosion hurt him. The imagery and the sound of him collapsing as he recited the Kalima are nothing short of heart-wrenching to see.

Shehzad’s colleagues remember him as a good humored and friendly person who was always on the job and available to all his colleagues in times of need.

Mehmood Khan, cameraman of DawnNews, wounded in the same blast, succumbed to his injures during treatment. Mehmood, 25, left four children and a widow behind. He was associated with the TV channel for last many years. The deceased started his carrier as a security guard with the private TV channel and he continued his studies while on job. He showed an interest in working in the newsroom and was soon given the role of a non-linear editor. For the last two years, he was working as a cameraman for DawnNews.

An ambitious young man, Mehmood was preparing to apply for admission to a Masters in Mass Communication.

Syed Ali Shah, a journalist, described him as a dedicated, young, God-fearing man. Mehmood was also the guardian to his brother’s three children, Shah said.

Shah further said Mehmood was shifted to CMH Quetta in critical condition, where doctors first shifted him to the Intensive Care Unit and then to the operation theatre. “Doctors tried their best to save him, but he passed away while under treatment,” said Shah.