JIT report says that the Gulf Steel Mills documents are fake, fabricated, unauthentic and unverified. JIT based its recommendation on the letter attributed to Ministry of Justice, Government of UAE. 

I am apolitical but just wanted to show my concern through your esteemed daily about the possibility that this may have to do something with the manifestation of the threat given by UAE’s Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr Anwar Mohammed Gargash in 2015, where he said that Pakistan would be paying a “heavy price” for taking on an “ambiguous stand” on sending its Army to fight against Yemen “rebels” during Yemen crisis. UAE is also more friendly with India and is against CPEC and development of Gwadar port. Can this political crisis faced by Pakistan, when there are so many looming dangers at her borders, be that “heavy price”? I am wondering. 


UK, July 12.