LAHORE - The celebrated vocalist and musical maestro, Ali Noor, is a visionary. From the enchanting musical rhythms during the 1990s and producing music today that has an appeal for the millennial to the impactful musical creations that always break through the conventions and clichés, Ali Noor has always managed to win our hearts. In a crucial competitive environment, he has always ensured to maintain his niche and has always had the musical fanatics in awe of his magic.

Pakistani music audience is maturing. Their music aspirations are growing. They want to experience novel musical settings and make their mark in the global scenario.

To stimulate their passion for music and explore the untapped industry, Strepsils, a well-known brand of lozenge used to clear up voice affected by cough and sore throat, introduced Acapella through their platform making it highly relevant.

Acapella music is a genre of music consisting solely of human voices without using a single musical instrument. It was made mainstream by Strepsils Stereo with the collaboration of the eminent Ali Noor a year back in Pakistan. The campaign is a clear sign that Strepsils was waiting for the right time to launch Acapella as the nation is open to welcome the forthcoming talent depositories.

One needs to watch the way Ali Noor originated the organic nature of music as beautiful vocal sounds that put forward enchanting masterpieces. This is the very concept of Acapella where multiple individuals, each making a different sound in the same tempo & rhythm, come together to create music.

During the Ice Breaking session, Ali Noor expressed his intentions as follows: “Now we are introducing the country to this idea, so we have to educate people as well. Only then will we be able to make sure that it becomes a success so that we can do it again and again” (Reference: From his Vlog “A New Story | A Cappella | This is Ali Noor”) Adding to the whole concept he said, “This is the last time I’ll be working on a cover. However I am only excited because we can make another version of the song”.

When the concept was initially put forward in front of Ali Noor, not only did he accept it whole heartedly but also he was thrilled to give a whole new direction to the music industry of Pakistan.

Strepsils and Ali Noor, we can vouch for this super amazing vocal duo as the energy their names release is wonderful, plan to move ahead by involving more beat boxers and singers to collaborate for even more shades of splendid music that tops the charts and take all of us by storm.