Islamabad  -  The senior leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Aleem Khan did not appear in person before the Building Control Section II (BCS-II), but a senior staff member of his housing project Park View City visited the civic body and assured to comply with all the rules and regulations of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) in letter and spirit.

The PTI is likely to form a government in the centre and in Punjab, where Mr Khan is a potential candidate for a powerful slot.

Mr. Khan was issued a final notice on August 3 to appear before the respective officer of CDA on August 8 to explain his position over unapproved development works in Park View housing scheme.

He was also warned that criminal proceedings would be initiated against him if he does not respond to this final notice.

The notice said further that the case will be referred for cancellation of the layout plan of the Park View housing scheme, but gives Khan a chance to explain their positions on Aug 8 before the proceedings begin.

It is pertinent to mention here that earlier a total of 9 identical notices were issued to Mr. Aleem Khan during the last year and he was advised to stop illegal constructions and appear before the directorate.   

The housing scheme, comprising 1,067.9 kanals of land at Malot Road in Zone-IV, is co-owned by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s (PTI) Abdul Aleem Khan along with his wife and two others.

A member of the management team of Park View Housing Scheme Mr. Atif Khan visited BCS-II on Wednesday and informed that Aleem Khan was unable to join proceedings due to his appearance before the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

He however submitted an affidavit assuring that the housing scheme will comply with all the rules and regulations of CDA.      

“All buildings plan will be submitted to CDA for approval in accordance with CDA building regulations 2005.., further undertake that no construction work shall be undertaken without approval of building plan from BCS”, the affidavit reads, adding: “All buildings whose construction has already been completed, their building plan shall be submitted to BCS for completion certificates.” 

There are over a hundred illegal housing societies operating in capital city but only a few dozen housing schemes got formal approval from the Capital Development Authority and the same are considered as approved or legal housing schemes.

The BCS-II was formed last year with a special task to regulate the private housing schemes as earlier the BCA-I was mandated to implement building codes across the city but it had failed due to certain limitation and it was limited to sectors only.

However, to control the illegal developments across the city in a one go was not an easy task and city managers have decided to impose the regulations on approved housing schemes first.      

When contacted, the Director BCS-II Shafi Marwat has confirmed the submission of an affidavit by Park View City and told: “The society’s representative informed that Mr. Aleem was already committed in Lahore but assured full compliance of CDA rules and regulations.”

Earlier, issuance of a NOC to the same society during interim government by CDA had also made headlines but the civic body categorically denied an impression of political favour and sighted a high court order as a spirit behind the decision.



muhammad asad chaudhry