ISLAMABAD - The Election Commission of Pakistan on Wednesday rejected speculations trying to create perception that the electoral body was slowly finalising its procedural modalities which may lead to delay in meeting of the national and provincial assemblies.

A statement issued by the ECP spokesperson said that all issues are being dealt in line with the Elections Act 2017.

The statement said that successful candidates submitted details of their campaign expenditure within 10 days of polling and a notification was issued on August 7.

The statement further mentioned that independent candidates would announce their party affiliation within three days of the above-mentioned notification. The deadline for doing so has been set as August 9, it added.

Upon declaration of party affiliation, a limited number of seats shall be allotted to each party. According to the provisions outlined in article 51 of the Act, the allotment shall take place on August 11.

Meanwhile, the ECP has uploaded on its website all the forms relating to the election results. These include forms 45, 46, 48 and 49. The commission on Tuesday issued formal notification of winning candidates in the general elections.