ISLAMABAD  -  The Interior Ministry has placed the names of Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz, the sons of former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, in the Black List — a no fly list of the federal government.

Similarly, the ministry also placed the names of Fawad Hassan Fawad, former principal secretary to then prime minister Nawaz Sharif, and Zulfi Bukhari, a close friend of prime minister-designate Imran Khan, on the Exit Control List (ECL) — another no fly list of the federal government.

Official sources in the Ministry of Interior confirmed that the names of Fawaz and Bukhari have been placed on ECL after formal approval of the cabinet — a necessary requirement before the placement of any person’s name on the list that prohibits anyone to fly abroad.

Hassan Nawaz and Hussain Nawaz are facing three corruption references of National Accountability Bureau (NNAB) in an accountability court and are now living in self-exile in London. The court has already declared them pro-claimed offenders. NAB had written to the Ministry of Interior for the placement of their names on the no fly list. The National Accountability Bureau has also made a request to the interior ministry to initiate the process of issuance of red warrants for both to bring them back in the country through Interpol.

Fawad Hassan Fawad, an officer of Pakistan Administrative Service, is presently in the NAB Lahore custody and he is being investigated for having assets beyond known sources and in Ashiana Housing scam. NAB had asked the interior ministry to place his name on ECL. Zulfiqar Hussain Bukhari alias Zulfi Bukhari is facing the NAB probe for surfacing his name in the Panama Papers for allegedly having offshore companies and his names had also been included on the ECL on the request of NAB.